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When I became a mother, in the throes of sleepless nights with a newborn, I found myself taking over half our dining table to paint into the wee hours of the night. My need to create, to have something that was purely mine, was far stronger than my desperate need for sleep. I have been doing fluid art ever since and find it spiritually healing, and I hope you find my work touches your soul too.


My dream of building my site as a marketplace started because I realised what a huge gap there is for hobby artists and up-and-coming artists. Here I was excited to take my art to the next level when I realised just how big the next leap was for me to go from selling at local markets to selling online. Big marketplaces have confusing pricing structures and leave artists overwhelmed, not to mention that they still have to figure out all their own marketing and everything.

Most hobby artists just want to make back enough money to cover the costs associated with creating their art so they can keep creating. Up-and-coming artists are busy building their skills and levelling up their talent. Who has time to figure out web design, SEO, marketing, and everything else that goes with selling online. So I figured, if I need to climb this mountain for my own art, I’ll only do it if I can help other artists at the same time!

My vision is to support artists of all backgrounds and situations to see their value and grow in their passion. I believe that we are stronger together and that we can meet our needs while meeting other people’s needs at the same time, and vis versa. These are realities I have experienced in my work in building community in Co-Housing, Convergent Facilitation and Non-Violent Communication. I want to foster this paradigm shift in the world and deepen it in my own heart.

Carolyn Larue

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