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Carolyn Larue


Artist | Creator | Mother

Welcome to my art creations!  I am a Fluid Artist working with liquid paints, pigments and resin to create beautiful designs. While my art is abstract, my style is inspired by nature. Most often from the ocean, coral, flowers, sunsets and outer space. I do prefer big bold colors and love the effects of pearlescent paints.

My History

I have loved art since I could hold a crayon. My mother says I would be entertained for hours even from a very young age. My whole life I’ve received messages that art is only good for a hobby but it has always been my dream to create and sell my art full time.

Since 2019 I delved headfirst into fluid art, consuming as many tutorials and videos as I could and all while creating my own art. It has been challenging and enriching. I’ve been selling my art at local markets and slowly building my confidence. Leaning into my creative self has really helped me flourish and grow as a person.

At first I converted half our dining table into my art studio (which wasn’t sustainable for my marriage, lol) and I would stay up for hours after putting my baby down to sleep playing with paint on our dining room floor! I honestly dont know how I did it considering how precious sleep was back then. Now I have a dedicated studio space that I share with another artist who’s medium of choice is sunlight. Very cool stuff.

I followed the sensible path setting off to become an Electrician at 16, after 4 years I was licensed and exited the industry as a Building Automation Engineer by age 28. I loved coding and making things work but I was sick of the politics and only ever working with men. Throughout this time I never stopped creating though. Here’s some of my early work I made as gifts for friends and family:


My Philosophy

I also believe we have too much stuff in the world and too much waste, so I aim to up-cycle wherever I can. I re-purpose unused tiles giving them new life as coasters, trivets and even feature tiles for a backsplash. I’m always on the lookout for new things I can re-purpose. My aim is to produce usable art as well as decorative art, with my current focus on coasters and trivets. I am also working towards making clocks, jewelry and cutting boards with my artworks.I have been drawn to art since I could hold a pen, engaging in all mediums I could get my hands on. I believe in the power of art to spark emotion and create an ambiance, which when used correctly can be a powerful tool. My art draws from multiple styles, artists and techniques. For the blooms technique I use the Shelee art recipes, which I’ve mastered through practicing and taking her course where I gained a wealth of knowledge and inspiration.I make art to order, so if you have anything you would like made up please send me a message and we can start the design process!
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