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How it works for Vendors

Golden Fluid Art is a marketplace made by an artist, for artists. No complicated fees. You don’t pay a thing until your art actually sells. Upon sale a small commission will go to GoldenFluidArt.com to cover website hosting, website management, marketing, etc.


My Story - Why I created a marketplace

As I have grown as an artist, I quickly realised that selling my art at local markets was not enough, so I started researching how to sell online. All the advice I was getting from other artists was dont bother with big marketplaces as the competition is fierce and the fees are complicated, build yourself a website and sell directly. Building a website is no easy task and hosting is expensive, let alone the huge learning curve and time required, when I didn’t even know if my art would sell! Then there’s all the other parts like taxes and shipping. That’s when I decided that if I was going to climb this mountain, I was at least going to help as many other artists as I could along the way!

I believe we are stronger together. That meeting our needs can meet the needs of others, and vice versa.

How to sign up

userGo to My Account  and fill out the “Register” form, select the “I am a vendor” and click “REGISTER”. Note: your shop name can be your name. This will take you to an optional Setup Wizard where you can set up your preferences and details, this information can be set up later but is required for you to make a sale. You will then see your dashboard where you can edit all of your details, however you wont be able to add products until an admin verifies your account. This is to give us an opportunity to connect with you to make sure you are an artist and not a robot.

Once verified you can start adding products (don’t forget to SAVE after creating the product, you will see a green message saying “Success!”). The status will be “Pending Review” until an admin approves it to go live on the website. This allows us to check all the settings, provide feedback and ensure quality. In this time you can continue to update the product. Be sure to select all applicable “Categories” and quantity of inventory.

You are not alone, if you need assistance just reach out via Contact Us, be sure to let us know if you would prefer to talk to someone in person and add your phone number.

Print on demand

You are welcome to set up your own print on demand products on Golden Fluid Art or Contact Us and we can help you. We can also provide guidance on getting great images of your best pieces, how to edit them and how to make sure they are high enough quality to make prints.

My Vision

I hope to create a place where we as artists can connect, learn and grow. I want this to be a hub of resources to make the journey that little bit easier for everyone. We are stronger together and each have wisdom and knowledge worth sharing.

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